Creative and Neuro-diverse Innovations (CANDI) is a non-profit Organisation established as a Community Interest Company. This Organisation is located in Bromley, Kent, and has a mission to support the local community and provide employment, training, entertainment and social and communication opportunities for the Neuro-diverse community. Creative and Neuro-diverse Innovations (CANDI) plans to form partnerships in order to fund, promote and further opportunities for our intended beneficiaries. Creative and Neuro-diverse Innovations (CANDI) will benefit this particular community, because it will provide, initially, a café where Neuro-diverse people are employed and respected, opportunities for further training and employment, a meeting space for the whole community, opportunities for integration and increased awareness of the many gifts the Neuro-diverse community has to offer. It will also be a safe space as identified by research we have carried out within the Neuro-diverse community. The Café base is provided by this Organisation because the original charity that were supporting it (CASPA) are no longer financially able to support the venture. The reason for continuing with the project supported by us is in direct response to the outcry from the general and Neuro-diverse community when it was announced that the café was to close. And the need for a community-based area that is seen as safe and welcoming to the community as a whole.